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Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage for loss of or damage to goods in transit by any mode like rail, road, sea, air, post, courier etc., either inland purchases/sales or global imports/exports. Marine insurance cover can be provided for export and import shipments.

Fire and Special Perils

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Fire insurance policy is suitable for the owner of property, one who holds property in trust or in commission; individuals/financial institutions who have financial interest in the property. All immovable and movable property located at a particular premises such as buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings and other contents, stocks and stock in process along with goods held in trust or in commission including stocks at suppliers/ customer's premises, machinery temporarily removed from the premises for repairs can be insured.

Marine Insurance

These are tough scenarios to imagine, but they happen every day. It is important to understand the consequences and to be prepared for the worst. Some people tend to think of insurance as a luxury, but this is not true at all. Insurance is simply a way to avoid an impoverished state.

Electronic Equipment

People owning costly electronic equipment can avail this policy. The risk covered under this.

Machinery Break Down

This policy is suitable for every industry which operates on machines and for whom breakdown of plant and machinery is of serious consequence. Monetary costs involved for restoration of machine after breakdown to its original state are covered by the machinery (breakdown) insurance policy.

All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance policy is suitable to cover loss or damage to jewellery and valuables such as camera, watches, fur, trinkets, laptop (Worldwide) etc., against fire, riot/strike, burglary, accident or any misfortune occurring anywhere within the geographical limits specified in the policy.

Health Insurance

Protect your greatest asset good health

Health insurance and step down stress.

» Individual and Group- Ordinary and Floater health Insurance Policy

» Cash free hospitalization in more than 1400 hospitals across India.

» Reimbursement of expenses during Pre- Hospitalisation and Post- Hospitalisation stages of treatment.

» 130 minor surgeries that require less than 24 hours hospitalization covered under the UNIQUE day care procedure.

» Reimbursement of expenses incurred on ambulance services to the nearest hospital where Emergency Health facilities are available

Motor Insurance

» Protection from a financial loss arising out of loss or damage to your vehicle.

» Protection from liability towards third parties for personal injury.

» Protection death and property damage on account of any accident involving your vehicle.

» Cash Less and Hassle free Claim procedure.

Travel Health Insurance

There's a lot you're exposed to while traveling abroad. And even though you've planned everything down to the smallest detail, there's no telling when a calamity might strike. A sudden illness, loss of baggage, a financial emergency.... with Travel Health Insurance from you can be sure you're covered for a whole host of calamities that may occur while traveling abroad.

Personal Accident

An accident can happen at any time. And it could leave you with permanent harm or temporary disability, both of which could affect your life and your family.

Apart from cover for life and injury, insurance offers other unique and unmatched features ยท

» Weekly benefit

» Medical Reimbursement

» Education Benefit

» Modification of residential accommodation and own vehicle

» Ambulance hiring charges

Shop Insurance

As a shop owner, you constantly worry about the hazards your shop and the contents within are exposed to. A sudden crisis at your place - a theft, an employee's infidelity, a fire accident, breakage of neon & Glow sign, Money in transit, counter or safe. That is why you need a protective cover like the one Shop Package Insurance offers. Taking care of your business is our business. And we do it well.